Black Star Heart was inspired by an episode of Swallowed Star.  It was approaching the new year of 2022, and a new story was brewing.  Although the story is inspired by the popular web-novel, it's not derived.  With the boys' love element and setting the environment in a utopia post apocalyptic Japan, the story was given its own life and journey.   Following dual lead protagonists as they gradually form their own truth and meaning of a Martial Warrior's heart. 


Going against his father's wishes, Leon Brackshaw enrolled in the Eolas Martial Warrior Academy to be a Spirit Swordsman for the Eolas Sect. A man without ambition until he meets Anri Eaton, a wealthy lord's son. A meaning is given to his definition of a martial warrior’s heart.  

Current Volume in Progress

Volume 6 is the continuation of the Bloody Factory shutdown. Leon and Anri learn more about their shared power called Nuru and make some startling discoveries.

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Story Volumes

VOL1 - 4: Eolas Academy Arc

VOL5 - 6: Bloody Factory Arc

VOL7 - 10: Solo Cultivation Arc