The Leading Characters

Leon Brackshaw

Nickname: Rat | Age: 18 | DOB: 11th Jan | Forte: Terra - Sword Arts - Controller | Katana | Sect: Eolas Scholars

He entered his sect chasing after his mother's martial arts legacy in the form of a manual, which was entrusted to the Eolas Scholars Sect until he was of age and inducted as a warrior.

He is the inherited wielder of a mysterious and powerful sword art called Nuru, which allows him to manipulate time and space.  As such, he's seen as a potential threat or advantage for various factions.

Anri Eaton

Nickname: Cranky Pants/Young Lord | Age: 19 | DOB: 14th Feb | Forte: Air - Sword Arts - Assasinator | Katana | Sect: Eolas Scholars

Youngest scion of the esteem Eaton family, who are wealthy beyond measure and hold a lot of sway in the world Leon and himself live in.   

His choice for Eolas was to adhere to his family, especially his elder brother's, expectations.  A man many views as living in his brother's shadow. And it seemed his life would pan out that way until he met Leon.

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